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A creative writer and OER Librarian, Jennifer Jordan is an assistant professor from New Mexico who writes and publishes creative and scholarly work.

Her memoir essays have appeared in journals including Creative NonfictionAscent (this essay was nominated for a Pushcart Prize), and a story she worked on appeared on NPR’s This American LifeShe is working on her first book, a memoir. Jennifer also writes poems, one of which was recently nominated for a Pushcart.

Down below, you will find Jennifer’s blog where she writes about her creative and research process. She dislikes using third person point of view, but she wrote this intro in third person to sound more legit. Jennifer works at the University of New Mexico and is an alum of UNM’s Creative Writing MFA program.

Latest blog posts

  • Flash Gift from My Mailbox

    Flash Gift from My Mailbox

    Today, I received my copy of Unknotting the Line, an anthology from Dos Gatos Press. I have a flash nonfiction piece inside. The genre of flash nonfiction is challenging because … Continue reading Flash Gift from My Mailbox Read more

  • OER on University Showcase

    OER on University Showcase

    It’s exciting to see how Open Educational Resources are gaining traction in New Mexico. Just last week, I along with faculty at UNM who are using OER materials were interviewed … Continue reading OER on University Showcase Read more

  • Developing OER While Brown

    Developing OER While Brown

    Last year, I started writing my first academic article as a faculty librarian a few weeks into my first year on the job. The article began as me telling a … Continue reading Developing OER While Brown Read more

  • OER-ing til I drop

    OER-ing til I drop

    Happy Open Education Week! I am here at the Student Union building at UNM, spreading the word about OER and handing out snacks. My time as a Girl Scout mom … Continue reading OER-ing til I drop Read more

  • Shapeshifting Experience into Research

    Shapeshifting Experience into Research

    I have my second peer reviewed article coming out in a couple of weeks. It’s the first scholarly article I’ve written since starting my job at UNM. The article is … Continue reading Shapeshifting Experience into Research Read more

  • Temporal Distance in Memoir

    Temporal Distance in Memoir

    I was twenty-three when I took my first creative nonfiction writing class, and I was actually pretty terrified because I was the youngest person in the class, and I had … Continue reading Temporal Distance in Memoir Read more