A writer’s page

My name is Jennifer, and I am a writer, assistant professor, and OER librarian from New Mexico. I write and publish creative and scholarly work. At my day job, I advocate for Open Educational Resources.

My memoir essays have appeared in journals including Creative NonfictionAscent (this essay was nominated for a Pushcart Prize), and a story I worked on appeared on NPR’s This American LifeI am working on my first book, a memoir. I also write poems, one of which was also nominated for a Pushcart. I also like to write about writing. I ruminate like that…

Down below, you can check out my blog where I talk about my writing and publishing process. I work at the University of New Mexico, and I am an alum of the UNM’s Creative Writing MFA program.

I have been writing for nearly as long as I have been reading. Y también, estoy pura Nueva Mexicana.

Latest blog posts

  • A different kind of hibernation

    A different kind of hibernation

    This is my first fall semester not being a teacher and not being a student in nearly two decades. As I wrap up the end of my first year as … Continue reading A different kind of hibernation Read more

  • Librarianship in Action

    Librarianship in Action

    I am taking a Creative Commons certificate class, and it has been really informative. I like doing the homework for the class because it makes me go over the material … Continue reading Librarianship in Action Read more

  • Bad Mouth Reading: The Performance

    Bad Mouth Reading: The Performance

    This week, I am honored that Rebecca Aronson asked me to give a reading for her Bad Mouth reading series. If you live in the Albuquerque area and haven’t heard … Continue reading Bad Mouth Reading: The Performance Read more

  • Hopping on a Rusty Saddle

    Hopping on a Rusty Saddle

    Lately my expectations of what I am capable of doing are meeting the reality that I am capable. It’s an unexpected outcome of growing older and using my analytical skills. … Continue reading Hopping on a Rusty Saddle Read more

  • Letter to My Writing Self

    Letter to My Writing Self

    It’s week thirteen of my fifteen-week semester as an English teacher at a community college. This term I taught a full load, and I am currently at the mental place … Continue reading Letter to My Writing Self Read more

  • Open Resources, Blended Learning Environments, and Ch-ch-changes

    Open Resources, Blended Learning Environments, and Ch-ch-changes

    OER materials make me incredibly happy–free educational materials that you can use, re-use, remix, and re-distribute? I love so many things about Open Source materials, which is one reason why … Continue reading Open Resources, Blended Learning Environments, and Ch-ch-changes Read more