A writer’s page

A creative writer and OER Librarian, Jennifer Jordan is an assistant professor from New Mexico who writes and publishes creative and scholarly work.

Her memoir essays have appeared in journals including Creative NonfictionAscent (this essay was nominated for a Pushcart Prize), and a story she worked on appeared on NPR’s This American LifeShe is working on her first book, a memoir. Jennifer also writes poems, one of which was recently nominated for a Pushcart.

Down below, you will find Jennifer’s blog where she writes about her creative and research process. She dislikes using third person point of view, but she wrote this intro in third person to sound more legit. Jennifer works at the University of New Mexico and is an alum of UNM’s Creative Writing MFA program.

Latest blog posts

  • Resolving 2022

    Resolving 2022

    I had a very tumultuous 2022. The pandemic came to a close and so did a couple of chapters in my life. I did not start 2022 with any goals … Continue reading Resolving 2022 Read more

  • A different kind of hibernation

    A different kind of hibernation

    This is my first fall semester not being a teacher and not being a student in nearly two decades. As I wrap up the end of my first year as … Continue reading A different kind of hibernation Read more

  • Librarianship in Action

    Librarianship in Action

    I am taking a Creative Commons certificate class, and it has been really informative. I like doing the homework for the class because it makes me go over the material … Continue reading Librarianship in Action Read more

  • Bad Mouth Reading: The Performance

    Bad Mouth Reading: The Performance

    This week, I am honored that Rebecca Aronson asked me to give a reading for her Bad Mouth reading series. If you live in the Albuquerque area and haven’t heard … Continue reading Bad Mouth Reading: The Performance Read more

  • Hopping on a Rusty Saddle

    Hopping on a Rusty Saddle

    Lately my expectations of what I am capable of doing are meeting the reality that I am capable. It’s an unexpected outcome of growing older and using my analytical skills. … Continue reading Hopping on a Rusty Saddle Read more

  • Letter to My Writing Self

    Letter to My Writing Self

    It’s week thirteen of my fifteen-week semester as an English teacher at a community college. This term I taught a full load, and I am currently at the mental place … Continue reading Letter to My Writing Self Read more