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My name is Jennifer, and I am a writer, assistant professor, and OER librarian from New Mexico. I write and publish creative and scholarly work. At my day job, I advocate for Open Educational Resources.

My memoir essays have appeared in journals including Creative NonfictionAscent (this essay was nominated for a Pushcart Prize), and a story I worked on appeared on NPR’s This American LifeI am working on my first book, a memoir. I also write poems, one of which was also nominated for a Pushcart. I also like to write about writing. I ruminate like that…

Down below, you can check out my blog where I talk about my writing and publishing process. I work at the University of New Mexico, and I am an alum of the UNM’s Creative Writing MFA program.

I have been writing for nearly as long as I have been reading. Y también, estoy pura Nueva Mexicana.

Latest blog posts

  • On Knowing Generous Readers

    On Knowing Generous Readers

    My most helpful poem reader, Dana Salvador, crossed out all the to-be verbs from the first batch of poems I sent to my writing group, ever. She didn’t judge me. … Continue reading On Knowing Generous Readers Read more

  • Open-Ed for the Long Haul

    Open-Ed for the Long Haul

    This upcoming week, I am meeting with my college’s Distance Learning department to develop a revision plan for our composition courses’ Open Educational Resource to fix some technical issues. Not … Continue reading Open-Ed for the Long Haul Read more

  • Writing a Query Letter

    Writing a Query Letter

    When I was a kid, I thought my mother ruled the planet, so much so that I believed her thoughts and feelings were more important than my own. This pull … Continue reading Writing a Query Letter Read more

  • #amquerying Life in Flight

    #amquerying Life in Flight

    Both my kids are in school full-time this week, and I am finally able to devote some time to my writing. Today, I am working on two writing goals: 1) … Continue reading #amquerying Life in Flight Read more

  • Revising One Story Several Ways

    Revising One Story Several Ways

    My revision process is messy because I often start writing from inspiration, and then I keep going. When I write from an inspired phrase or image, I come up with … Continue reading Revising One Story Several Ways Read more

  • #50Words Twitter Story from a Prompt

    #50Words Twitter Story from a Prompt

    Day four of the Digital Pedagogy Lab, and I’m posting more and more creative work in public spaces. This coming from a woman who once took three years to Tweet. … Continue reading #50Words Twitter Story from a Prompt Read more