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My name is Jennifer, and I am a writer, assistant professor, and OER librarian from New Mexico. I write and publish creative and scholarly work. At my day job, I advocate for Open Educational Resources.

My memoir essays have appeared in journals including Creative NonfictionAscent (this essay was nominated for a Pushcart Prize), and a story I worked on appeared on NPR’s This American LifeI am working on my first book, a memoir. I also write poems, one of which was also nominated for a Pushcart. I also like to write about writing. I ruminate like that…

Down below, you can check out my blog where I talk about my writing and publishing process. I work at the University of New Mexico, and I am an alum of the UNM’s Creative Writing MFA program.

I have been writing for nearly as long as I have been reading. Y también, estoy pura Nueva Mexicana.

Latest blog posts

  • Suffering Structure: My Struggle with Long Lines of Suspense

    Suffering Structure: My Struggle with Long Lines of Suspense

    Do you enjoy pain? You must. Investing so much time in a piece of writing–why work to the point that you start questioning yourself? Then you wonder not only if … Continue reading Suffering Structure: My Struggle with Long Lines of Suspense Read more

  • The Protagonist Is You

    The Protagonist Is You

    I don’t take pictures of myself often. If I do, it’s a selfie, and I do it while no one is watching, like this one: I mostly take pictures of … Continue reading The Protagonist Is You Read more

  • Writing Life (or Death) Post-MFA

    Writing Life (or Death) Post-MFA

    Eleven years ago, I graduated with my MFA in Creative Writing. I was pregnant with my first daughter, and while she was just a developing fetus, I remember interviewing my … Continue reading Writing Life (or Death) Post-MFA Read more

  • Screaming into Canyons, or Learning to Tweet

    Screaming into Canyons, or Learning to Tweet

    I joined Twitter three years ago thinking that somehow I could use the platform to market my nearly nonexistent writing career. I read it on a blog somewhere. And then … Continue reading Screaming into Canyons, or Learning to Tweet Read more

  • Re-seeing a Story

    Re-seeing a Story

    If you start describing your own personal experiences, something that’s only of interest to yourself, then you can’t express yourself, you cannot say, ultimately what you think about human beings. … Continue reading Re-seeing a Story Read more

  • The Journey Begins

    The Journey Begins

    This is my first blog posting on my site which details some of my writing adventures. Recently, I discovered that I actually do enjoy writing, the act of it. For … Continue reading The Journey Begins Read more