Interview with Mark Sundeen!

BAD MOUTH / words & art & music

Bad Mouth Interview with Mark Sundeen by Jennifer Schaller

The next installment of the Bad Mouth Reading Series features a superb line-up of writers and music, featuring Joan Ryan, Leslie Ullman, Mark Sundeen, and music by the enchanting Anna Mall. To gear up for this reading, friend of Bad Mouth, Jennifer Jordán Schaller interviewed the talented, humble, and funny Mark Sundeen to talk more in depth about his writing and creative process. Sundeen is the current Russo chair in Creative Writing at the University of New Mexico.

Jennifer Jordán Schaller—You taught at UNM back in 2007 as a visiting writer, and now you are back as the Russo Chair in Creative Writing. Now that you have been in New Mexico for a while, perhaps you have heard some local expressions NM Desert Dwellers cling to, for example, New Mexico is sometimes described as The Land of Entrapment. The nickname describes…

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