Jennifer Jordán Schaller interview with Gregory Martin

Here’s an interview I did for the Bad Mouth Reading series!

BAD MOUTH / words & art & music

The next installment of the Bad Mouth Reading Series features a rockstar line-up of writers and music, featuring Cathy Strisik, Christina Yovovich, Greg Martin, and musician Zack Freeman. Friend of Bad Mouth, Jennifer Jordán Schaller interviewed the smart and compassionate human Greg Martin to talk more in depth about his writing and creative process. Martin is an assistant professor at the University of New Mexico.

For a little context,
I’ve known Greg for almost twenty years. I took a workshop with him as an
undergraduate, and he was the first teacher who told me I should go to grad
school. To say that Greg had an influence on my academic career is an
understatement. I interviewed him for Bad Mouth because I still keep in contact
with him, whether he wants me to or not. Twenty years later, I still ask him
questions about writing:

Jennifer Jordán
I remember…

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2 thoughts on “Jennifer Jordán Schaller interview with Gregory Martin

  1. Thanks for sharing, found it useful as i’m trying to write my stories. Especially love this advise “Any student usually has an arsenal of skills. You take what they have, and then you provide the instruction that says here’s how to make a story have structure.”

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