#50Words Twitter Story from a Prompt

Day four of the Digital Pedagogy Lab, and I’m posting more and more creative work in public spaces. This coming from a woman who once took three years to Tweet. This is kind of a big deal.

In Laura Gibbs‘ microfiction book, she mentions different ways to create a short story from prompts. I have seen the Twitter hashtag #vss365, but I’ve never posted my creative work in a Tweet, at least not until this week. I’ve held off for a couple of reasons 1) I want my creative work to be published somewhere with an editor, and 2) I am a tiny, little chicken. But I shook off those concerns and tried again posting my unedited, unfiltered creative work in a very public space. I used a prompt from the #vss365 gang and worked on a #50word microfiction story.

Here’s what I came up with:

I also used this short story to focus on voice in my writing, as Laura also discussed in the same chapter I mentioned. Voice is a craft feature I can swing without thinking much about it. Plot is a lot harder for me. I could sit down and plot for days before creating a plot and conflict-driven story.

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