OER-ing til I drop

Happy Open Education Week!

I am here at the Student Union building at UNM, spreading the word about OER and handing out snacks. My time as a Girl Scout mom has been very helpful; I can talk to complete strangers without feeling too much apprehension…

Even though some people don’t want to talk to me. I get it.

I am probably too excited about OERs. Maybe they smell my desperation?

Would you stop and talk to a librarian who looks like this? Even if I had snacks to share?

Snacks, people, snacks. I am OER-ing til I drop.

We’ll be at the sub throughout this week. It’s Open Education Week after all, a celebration of open educational materials. When I say “we” I also mean ASUNM, or the student government, which is full of awesome and engaged students. I am so lucky to work with them.

Here are the rest of the Open Ed Week at UNM events.

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