Flash Gift from My Mailbox

Today, I received my copy of Unknotting the Line, an anthology from Dos Gatos Press. I have a flash nonfiction piece inside.

The genre of flash nonfiction is challenging because I have to write a true story in a short amount of space. For me, writing Flash CNF feels a little bit like writing a poem.

The two genres can blend together, and sometimes they are hard to differentiate, or one piece could be classified in more than one way.

In fact, my short, short essay started as a poem. Then I fleshed out the narrative surrounding the images. This resulted in too many sentences to call this a poem. But, it could pass as a prose poem.

I took the nuggets of reflection and fused them with imagery to create a poetic feel to the essay. This is my first flash piece to see the light of day, and I am excited for it.

You can order a copy of Dos Gatos’ latest anthology here: Unknotting the Line: The Poetry in Prose

4 thoughts on “Flash Gift from My Mailbox

  1. After taking a few workshops in flash fiction and nonfiction, I’m convinced there’s little daylight between the flash form and poetry. It seems to be just a matter of what feels right to the writer and the reader. Congrats on the publication!

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