Bad Mouth Reading: The Performance

This week, I am honored that Rebecca Aronson asked me to give a reading for her Bad Mouth reading series. If you live in the Albuquerque area and haven’t heard of it, that’s okay because you can visit their webpage today! From the Bad Mouth website:

Bad Mouth is a reading and performance series designed to showcase and support the literary, musical, and artistic communities of Albuquerque and New Mexico.

Bad Mouth’s tagline is Words & Art & Music. Pre-pandemic, Rebecca held live readings with writers and musicians. During the pandemic, Rebecca continued to sponsor words, art, and music digitally through the Bad Mouth Youtube page, which showcases readings from diverse writers.

Down below, I am embedding the video I made for the series. In this installment, I read a chapter of my manuscript, a manuscript that I will start shopping around this summer. It’s a memoir essay that doubles as a chapter, and it was also published in Hayden’s Ferry Review a couple of years back. It was odd for me to read this essay called “The Performance” out loud. I think I need to practice reading it some more.

What I notice after reading this essay is that it’s easier to write the word pussy instead of saying the word pussy out loud. I almost cracked up a couple of times while reading this. I hope you enjoy my memoir essay. From the screenshot preview in the embedded video below, you can already begin anticipating the dramatic performance.

Thanks again, Rebecca!

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