Librarianship in Action

I am taking a Creative Commons certificate class, and it has been really informative. I like doing the homework for the class because it makes me go over the material multiple times while I develop CC-licensed work pretty much ingraining it in my brain.

Taking this class is part of my work as an academic librarian. I am still getting used to saying that, I am an academic librarian. As an OER Librarian, I curate and learn about digital texts and how they are licensed. It’s OER all the time over here for me.

My first homework assignment for this course was to create a multimodal narrative of the history of Creative Commons. I made a video, and if I could have learned how to use Adobe Premier in one week, I would have used that to edit. But since I couldn’t do that, I instead used a free online video editor that was super easy to use. If only it didn’t leave a watermark.

I paid not a cent for any of the material in this video. All the creative works were either public domain or licensed with Creative Commons. The music I found on OpenVerse, which is a collaboration between WordPress and Creative Commons materials, and it includes audio and imagery. I found background music to build this video. I used Canva to create the presentation and record the audio, and I used Kapwing to edit the video because I wanted layer the background music with my narration.

I hope you like the video at least a little. It’s rough in spots. I did my best! I am a librarian not an audiobook narrator. Also, why not follow me on Youtube while you’re at it because I sometimes post educational stuff. For some reason, I have 40 followers. (I sometimes wonder why they are following me, but you should too!) It’s social media, so anything goes.

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